My Own Peculiarity

I hate it when people compare me with anyone else. I just don’t like the idea of me being defined of what people are just because I belong in the human race. I understand you seeing people the same way but I won’t let myself be defined of who they are because I have my own definition of who I am.

I have my own perspective, experiences and personality that even any of you can’t meet. I paved my way to where I am now and I have fought my way to achieve this position. Even my name take its own oddity to be different with billions of people living on earth. I was born not to share similiraties with who nor be like who but be unusual as I am right now. I don’t live to imitate anyone nor copy an individual because I won’t call it living but reviving. God made me being different of all His creations.

If you see people doing the same thing and think they are all the same, then set me apart from them because I strongly believe that I am no way like people. That is why people call me crazy and weird because they never meet someone like me. I believe that we have our own differences but you see everyone as the same, old and typical thing but still I insist that I’m unique. I won’t let you call names I’m not. If you see me tiresome like everyone else then, my friend, I suggest to know me very well. When I say very well, I don’t want you to miss any single detail of me. I challenge you to peel every mask I’m wearing because behind it is the one you are longing to see. Haha. Not so really but I can always be the living evidence of peculiarity.